Cities involved in the exchange of friendship


warszawa herbWarsaw – the capital and largest Polish city, located in central-eastern part of the country, in Mazovia, the Vistula River. Warsaw is the center of scientific, cultural, political and economic in Europe. It houses the seat of Parliament, the President, Prime Minister and other central authorities. It is an important financial center and seat of domestic and foreign investors. City of Warsaw as the main city of the metropolitan area has 1.9 million inhabitants, but the actual number of inhabitants of the agglomeration of Warsaw is 3 million. It is the only capital in Europe, lying in the immediate vicinity of the national park. more


lodzLodz – a city located in central Poland, is the third city in the country in terms of population 800,000. The most dynamic city in the nineteenth century. Academic center and cultured, full of all kinds of musical events, theater, literature, art and film. This is done every year dozens of festivals and reviews. The city has 20 museums, with a unique in Europe, Central Museum of Textiles, and the Museum of Art – in Poland, having the richest collections of contemporary art. Works are also many theaters (including the Grand Theatre, Musical Theatre, drama theaters, theaters for children), Philharmonic, cinemas and galleries. more


312px-POL_Kraków_COA.svgKrakow (latin.Cracovia) – a town in southern Poland, situated on the Vistula River, the second in the country in terms of population 800 000, 1 million agglomeration. It is one of the oldest Polish cities of years of history, with many valuable architectural objects. It also operates in many cultural centers and institutions that collect priceless monuments. Until 1795, Krakow was the Polish capital and formally established the rulers of the Polish state. Today is the capital of the Małopolska province, as well as a center of metropolitan Cracow agglomeration. The historical record is considered a major historical city of Malopolska. For the historical function of Cracow applies his full name – Royal Capital City of Krakow. On the international Krakow is perceived as a „spiritual and scientific heart of Polish”. more


wroclawWroclaw (lat. Wratislavia, germ. Breslau) – in the south-western Poland, situated on the Odra River and its four tributaries. Sometimes called the „Venice of the North”. Wroclaw is the fourth largest number of bridges in Europe, ranks as Venice, Amsterdam and St. Petersburg. As one of the few cities in Europe and constantly preserved city moat filled with water. It is the historical capital of Silesia. The town belonged to the Hanseatic League. The fourth most populous city in Poland – 650 000 inhabitants. Wroclaw is also one of the oldest Polish cities with more than 1000 years of history. more


Herb PoznaniaPoznań (lat.Posnania, germ. Posen) – a town located in western Poland, in Wielkopolska Lake District, at the confluence of the Warta and Cybina. The historical capital of Wielkopolska. The fifth most populous city in Poland (560 thousand Residents) together form a 800 thousand Agglomeration. Poznań was one of the centers of the capital and religious state of the Piast X to XIII century, in the past was the seat of Polish kings. more


herb-gdanska_designGdańsk (lat. Gedanum, germ. Danzig) – a port city in Poland, situated on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Motława to Vistula on the Gulf of Gdansk. Center of cultural, scientific and economic of northern Polish, the capital of Pomerania. Gdańsk with 500 000 inhabitants occupies sixth place in Poland in terms of population, and in terms of area, together with Gdynia and Sopot creates Tricity with 1 million inhabitants, making it the largest town in Pomerania, North Polish. It is one of the oldest Polish cities, with over a thousand years of history. more


lublinLublin – a city located in the Middle East Polish river Bystrica. It has 350 000 inhabitants, is 2 in Galicia, and 9 cities in the country. Lublin is one of the oldest Polish cities. This allows you to find in it many monuments from the Middle Ages, through the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, to the baroque, classicism and modernism. Archaeologists have discovered a cemetery of monumental tombs of pre-5000 years. The beginnings of settlement in the city date back to the sixth century on the hill stands the church Thursday św.Mikołaja, probably built in the tenth century with the foundation of Mieszko I, the site of a former pagan temple. more


Częstochowa_herbCzęstochowa – a city in southern Poland, Czestochowa county seat. In the years 1975-1999 was the capital of the region of Czestochowa. After the administrative reform was included in the province of Silesia. Czestochowa is situated on the Warta River in mesoregions physico belonging to the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, called Jura. This is a 12 town in Poland in terms of population, has 270 000 inhabitants. Czestochowa is the central city of Czestochowa agglomeration, as well as the largest center of economic, cultural and administrative levels in the northern sub-region of Silesia. more


lwow2Lviv (formerly known as. Royal Capital City of Lviv, Ukrainian: Lviv, lat. Leopolis) – city and capital of Lviv region of Ukraine. Lviv is situated on the border of Eastern Mites and Highland Podolski, on Peltwia river. This is an important industrial center, hub airport, rail and road. Counts 790 000 inhabitants. Founded around 1250 years in Lekhian lands, located from of 981 years within the limits of Rus, by King Daniel I Halicki, who called the city of Lviv in honor of his son Lev. more



yaltaYalta (ukr. Ялта, tat. Yalta,) – a town in the Ukraine in the south of the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. Has 80 thousand. residents. From Yalta to Simferopol Europe leads the longest trolleybus line length of about 86 km. Yalta is a popular resort. In Yalta are Chekhov Museum, the Cathedral of St. John Chrysostom (orator Chrysostom), the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Yalta State Museum of History and Literature, National Museum of Decorative Arts, „Glade of Tales”. On the outskirts of Yalta are two tsarist palaces in Livadia and Massandra. more